Botanical oils

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Botanical oils are perfect for your skin and hair. They’re non-greasy, and leaves behind a sweet scent. Voluptuous and hydrating, formulated with a light blend of nourishing organic oils that leaves the skin wonderfully soft, ideally hydrated, delicately scented.

All the petals/beans used are grown in accordance with biological cycles. A real ray of sunshine for the skin, it provides a revitalizing sensation, nourishes and confers well-being.

These body oils are used in massage on all parts of the body, in circular movements, preferably after the bath or shower for an overall feeling of relaxation.

This oil can also be used in your hair, it makes it more supple and shiny, while perfuming it.

6 fragrances available: rose, lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, coffee, rosemary.