Slimming Massage Oil

Slimming Massage Oil

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Used in massage therapy, the slimming massage oil is formulated to help firm, tone and smooth skin, improving it’s elasticity. Proprietary formula helps penetrate skin and break down unwanted fat cells. As a result, it targets stubborn cellulite in problem areas such as hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks.


It’s tightening essence also helps fight against stretch marks.


Our selection of essential oils have benefits such as disinfiltrating and firming, also activates skin microcirculation to reduce the orange peel appearance. they have an anti-aging effect, in addition to being regenerating and smoothing. toning, draining and reputed to be lipolytic.


To be used in massages on desired area at least once a week for best results. For external use only. Recommended to use continuously for 90 days for significant results. This slimming oil is an aid in the weight loss process and must be accompanied by exercises and/or appropriate diet.